The Eye-o-linist (Cartoon Girl on Blendswap)

Long time no post.

I’ve been playing around with the awesome Cartoon Girl from Blendswap.

I’m not sure which style I want to continue with for the background.

The first one is pretty much a straight render.
The second is painted over in photoshop for a comic look.
The third is a combination of the first two.

Any of them stand out as better/worse than the others?

I’ve also submitted a version at Threadless to see if I can get it onto a shirt.

Thanks for looking!

Great work. Just a small mistake on the fingers of her right hand. Maybe some adjustments in armor solved it.

I like how the middle one pretty much doesn’t look like there was any CGI involved

Hey, I’ve started my own silk screening business up so I can actually give advise for once!

On a white garment you can print full colour in CYMK format.
On a dark garment you will want to have less colours and go for spot colour process or 4-6 colour printing.

Or you could go direct to garment (printing directly onto the t-shirt)

Great design, reminds me of something Tim Burton would do!

On dark you just lay down a white base coat. Then any color will work. :wink: