The eye!

Hello to you all. I’m new in this forum and I’m new to blender as well. I just downloaded it a week ago and have read several basic tutorials and have made some tentatives with it. Then I headed to something more complex… That neato eye in the BlenderChar site (tutorials section). But I need someone to help me a little :stuck_out_tongue:
What I am having problems with is the texturization of the iris… Maybe i didn’t build the mesh correctly or maybe it is that I don’t apply the texture correctly, but the outcome is nothing similar to what can be seen in the tutorial :frowning:
To build the mesh I added a circle, extruded backwards and scaled down to make it concave. But the tutorial says something about subdivisions surfaces (?).
Anyway there must be a button that I am missing in the material or the texture buttons because no matter what color I choose, the texture applies (in weird shapes:P) with the same colors as the image (?).

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Well that’s all right now. If I ever come past this stage, I’m sure I’ll have some more trouble with this :D. Thanks.

Post a screen capture of your material settings and a render of your image and some of us (Probably not me) may have an idea of what you are doing wrong.

Look in the Edit Buttons (F9). There is a button on the left for SubSurf.

I tried the subsurf button, thanks. Made it look nicer :), but didn’t solve the texture problem :(.
I’ve tried many combinations with the material buttons, but none showed the results I expected so i just captured a random one and its render

Download Blendo - the BlenderChar mascot. He has a nice Pixarish eye. Have a look at it. The model is © me, and you cannot use it commercially or show it publically. Use it for your own training :wink:

Lyubomir Kovachev

what’s the maping type supposed to be for the image in the tutorial? should it be the reflection type? I thought uv would be more appropriate.

Well, thanks. That really helped a lot :). Just a question. Is there any relationship between the size of the image used as texture and the size of the mesh ? I mean if i scale up the mesh it will no longer fit the texture?

If you choose to have orco, (the standard mapping type) the texture should fit the mesh size. You can always change the size of the texture with SizeX, SizeY, SizeZ… <1 is bigger and >1 is smaller. It seems to me, when I look at your render, that you’ve forgot to change mapping to something else than Flat…Try Cube and see what happens.