The eye!

(Lombriz) #1

Hello to you all. I’m new in this forum and I’m new to blender as well. I just downloaded it a week ago and have read several basic tutorials and have made some tentatives with it. Then I headed to something more complex… That neato eye in the BlenderChar site (tutorials section). But I need someone to help me a little :stuck_out_tongue:
What I am having problems with is the texturization of the iris… Maybe i didn’t build the mesh correctly or maybe it is that I don’t apply the texture correctly, but the outcome is nothing similar to what can be seen in the tutorial :frowning:
To build the mesh I added a circle, extruded backwards and scaled down to make it concave. But the tutorial says something about subdivisions surfaces (?).
Anyway there must be a button that I am missing in the material or the texture buttons because no matter what color I choose, the texture applies (in weird shapes:P) with the same colors as the image (?).

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Well that’s all right now. If I ever come past this stage, I’m sure I’ll have some more trouble with this :D. Thanks.

(Free Mars) #2

Post a screen capture of your material settings and a render of your image and some of us (Probably not me) may have an idea of what you are doing wrong.

(blenderanim) #3

Look in the Edit Buttons (F9). There is a button on the left for SubSurf.

(Lombriz) #4

I tried the subsurf button, thanks. Made it look nicer :), but didn’t solve the texture problem :(.
I’ve tried many combinations with the material buttons, but none showed the results I expected so i just captured a random one and its render

(Lyubomir) #5

Download Blendo - the BlenderChar mascot. He has a nice Pixarish eye. Have a look at it. The model is © me, and you cannot use it commercially or show it publically. Use it for your own training :wink:

Lyubomir Kovachev

(slikdigit) #6

what’s the maping type supposed to be for the image in the tutorial? should it be the reflection type? I thought uv would be more appropriate.

(Lombriz) #7

Well, thanks. That really helped a lot :). Just a question. Is there any relationship between the size of the image used as texture and the size of the mesh ? I mean if i scale up the mesh it will no longer fit the texture?

(Eric) #8

If you choose to have orco, (the standard mapping type) the texture should fit the mesh size. You can always change the size of the texture with SizeX, SizeY, SizeZ… <1 is bigger and >1 is smaller. It seems to me, when I look at your render, that you’ve forgot to change mapping to something else than Flat…Try Cube and see what happens.