the eyes won't work :(

I’ve got eyes parented to a mesh with a track-to contraint to a bone. It all works completely in the preview.

But the game engine doesn’t work right.

As you can see, one of the eyes disappears entirely, and the other one turns to look straight up.

I’ve also noticed in my preview that pose mode is moving the mesh twice as much distance as it should be, yet the game engine compensates and fixes it, any clue what’s going on there?

I posted my answer in your other thread:
Don’t use Ctrl+T, use an EditObject actuator and select TrackTo

I would agree with :

But here is a .blend file example just if your still confused abit here is the link :

Main Link :

Mirror Link :

The link above take’s you to a .blend file that basicly just tell’s you how to use tracking. Well you have to select the arrow then view it’s logic brick’s.

Please view my other thread if you want any other type’s of .blend file’s to learn from. Here is the thread’s link :

Hope it helps :wink:

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Please report or post here is any link’s are broken link’s. Thank you.

Got the tracking thing down, but now for some reason the eyes do not move with the rest of my animation

Try to parent the eye’s to the model ?
may not work good may not very wierd but if it dose just re-post and I will make an example again :slight_smile:

aside from physically moving the eye somewhere else, when I start the game it just flips out, looks like it just begins rapidly spinning in a circle. right now it’s parented to the Armature, so it goes where it needs to in the beginning in relation to the rest of the head, but as the mesh moves, the eyes do not.

Another oddity is that event though the armature and mesh seem to work right in the game engine (as seen above) the 3d preview and renderer mangle it, as seen below…what’s up with this?

here’s a shot of the preview…

Use more vertex parenting. Add two vertices where the eyes should go, have the vertices in the same vertex group as the rest of the head. Vertex parent the eyes to the vertices.

Finally just decided to join the meshes instead of having the eyes be poseable based on an item to be looked at.

any clue what’s going on with the preview? doesn’t make any sense

ah, the problem was “enable modifier during interactive display”.

yay! my ninja is pretty much complete.