The F keys on a Mac

Does anybody know how to use the F keys on a Mac ?

Does your keyboard have a fn key, use that with the Function keys. You can enable the Function keys to work as standard in System Preferences / Keyboard

Doesn’t work.

If I don’t check the “use as standard”, the F12, for example, which if for rendering an image, instead raises the volume.

If I do check the “use as standard”, the F12 shows me the dashboard.

In the case for F9 in edit mode, either way pressing the key does nothing.


Got it. F12 was being used by mission control. Now I can use F12 for “render Image”

But I still can’t use F9 on Edit Mode to access the editing context, which is what I’m trying to do.


Go into your system preferences->keyboard setup -> Keyboard Shortcuts on the MAC and turn off F9

Hmmm, going for the mis-information technique heh?

Actually the exact answer is, as Richard Marklew pointed out, in System Preferences / Keyboard:
The “Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys” checkbox.
(When this option is selected, press the Fn key to use the special features printed on each key.)


Condescending much?

And it’s not wrong either, that switch toggles whether or not the keys are media keys or F-keys by default (you hold Fn for the other behavior). In ADDITION to having a media key, quite a few of the utility functions like Mission Control also have F-key bindings. So F9 is now an actual F9 key rather than a media key, but still triggers Mission Control.

not really, no. and Thanks for the info.