The F12 key

This is in one of the blender tutorials:

“When you create a scene in Blender, you start with a few basic elements that will include
a camera, but may or may not include a light. Remember that what the camera sees is
what will render out as a picture or movie depending on what you tell the program you
want as a final output. To get a simple rendered view, press the “F12” key. This will open a
window that will display the rendered output of what the camera is focused on. If the picture
is black, you do not have a lamp or the lamp settings or placement in incorrect. To exit the
render window, press the “Esc” key.”

Now when I do this, nothing happens. I’m guessing it is because I’m on a laptop and the F12 key is the same as the disc eject. Is there an alternate to F12?

You can press the Render button in the Scene settings (F10).


Go into the “Scene” panel (or just press F10). Then press the big orang-ish button that says “RENDER.” That should get you your render. Happy Blending!

Paul00. your laptop should have another key that shifts the functions between being a regular f12 key and disceject. try to find it, hold it down and then hit F12.

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macs do that iirc

on the mac, the render key is control+f12 [or option+f12, I forget, I don’t own a mac] for just that reason

Actually on my mac, i think the function key with F12 will work. I just overlooked that. Thanks.

I’ve given up looking for an alternate, cos F10 thru F12 are taken up by the Expose Settings.