The face of an alien- everyone's opinion needed

Hey guys I have finished and uploaded my NEW picture(The face of an Alien) here

Here you can also find my old version to compare it with the new one :

The texture used for the skin is the photo of a lizard’s skin(After being edited with blender)

Now that you have seen THE NEW PICTURE post your opinions about it to me.

i’ll think its a great face but kind of weird texture but i like it :slight_smile:

IMHO, I think that the mesh itself needs more detail.
and, the texture… is a little iffy.
I myself would stick with procedurals and multilayers.
And maybe the eyeballs could use some pupils/irises

It would be more interesting if the black was transparant and the green had more glow and a more interesting pattern. It is kind of, umm, boring as is. Just my opinion.

Hey Guys here you can find the update:

It has smaller cheeks and a swelling in the back side of its head

Sorry, I can’t really “comment” on this. Because the texture ruins the shape, and since there’s only a front view it is hard to see edges and so on.

I would really like to see it from different views, and hopefully with a different texture. Because then I could comment more :wink:

But this is a finished project, so do what you will.

add more detail and better textures and it could be alright but i noticed you have posted 2 or three different threads her each with slight variations to the name and the modle perhaps you should put it in the wip section untill you are completely saticfied and ready to end it for good

Here is our update. Click here to see the model(You can find the picture in the previous update).

After seeing the model email any texture wich would be good for the creature’s skin at [email protected]

well, it’s alright… a little amateur looking. maybe it needs a scene or something…