The Face Of Mars (new pics edit)

I whipped u a patch of new pics of the scene. Here you go. Some of them were rendered with yafray, using HDRI. Also I changed the groudn a bit, so the face doesn’t look like slab.
Post pro consisted some sequence editing with Glow and the a bit of PSP7.

I’m pretty sure everyone has seen a pic of famous face of mars, so I won’t be going further about what it is.

So, I made this this weekend,everything done in Blender, post pro was done with Glow efect in sequence editor.

So here you go:

What do you think?

p.s. i might do more renders with different material settings. We’ll see.

p.p.s. he looks lot of like Guardian, doesn’t he?

It looks more like some kind of stone tablet. It looks good though. What you need to do is make it look like it’s part of the surrounding terrain, rather than just recently dropped there. This needs to be gradual, as there is quite a bit of erosion of the “face”:

More images can be found by doing a google image search for “face on mars” (include quotes), including the face under good lighting (doesn’t actually look much like a face at all…). Keep at it, a few minor changes would make this a great pic. 8)



Yes… I wanted to say too … it’s planet of the apes revisited…


Oh, replies :smiley:

Thanks Raseri, I actually did see those pics, my original sketch was made from those…

But yeah, youre right, as the face itself is a mountain it should look like more connected with the ground. As you said, it does look like slab right now.

But i can assure you all, it’s not Suzanne… :smiley:


I do remember him from Ultima :D.

Quite frankly, I don’t think your picture looks very much like the Face on Mars

Lol, fun render. Btw is the face of mars real? I mean are there real photo’s from space? Look intresting for me. :smiley:

Lol, fun render. Btw is the face of mars real? I mean are there real photo’s from space? Look intresting for me

There are many pics of the mars face… you can find them easily on the net… some people do think the face is part of the remains of a civilisation and others think that it’s made of just rocks wich just by accident look like a face… me … I don’t know…


Well, quite frankly, you are quite correct. It would have been more aproriate to add, that my version was isnpired by this
so It’s my version of it.

The realness factor of Mars Face has been depated as long as the pics have been around. Some recent study took measurements from real topography and they made a 3D pic of the area. They came in conclusion that the face was just a mountain with weird shadows.

Here’s an interesting take on the potential artificiality of the face.


that’s interesting link Raseri. Thanks.

Ah, much better. :smiley: The specularity is making it look a bit like plastic in the top-left image, though…


Thanks Raseri! :smiley:

Yeah, the top left is only one without any postprocessing. I threw it in because I feel it gives the most clear image of the model itself. All others have glow plug or some other treatment on them.
But the textuxe could have been a lot better.