"The Face" of my website: Rik

Project Information
I’ve been working on another mascot project recently and I feel this is going to be it.
But Rik won’t be an easy deal. His topology must be right.
On my website has been an update recently, actually just a few minutes ago with work-in-progress images.
Here they are:

I posted this in Focused Critique because I really want to get the face right.
He should be animatable like the characters of The Incredibles.

What has been done

  • I started with the eyes. I first made one and duplicated the object. After that I started to add a plane and start with the nose, after having the upper part finished I focused on the eye area. The mesh is currently mirrored. This character will be symmetrical.Comments and Critics are Welcome.

-Christiaan “AniCator” Bakker

To much loops around the mouth !

Not to easy to animate check the Torq model of loops

Uploading a little sketch to give you an ideea

I’ll fix those, here is some progress on the rest of the face, also hosted on my website, I’m going to maintain the website more:

I forgot to mention that those first production wires were SubSurfed. Here’s the crappy mesh:


  • AniCator

Just triggered an error at the nose. Check the second image to see it too.

  • Nose Correction completed
  • Nose Holes added

Next fix:

  • The upper part of his head with the weird missing edges. - FIXED

Add the eye socket , i see some space in there

Update Information:
- I tried to fix his eye sockets, they were pulled back to much. I still have to tweak it a bit, it doesn’t cover the eye enough.

  • Pulled back the edges of his mouth a bit to make his mouth less flat.

  • I added his ear, needs tweaking too.

  • A small facial expression test.

  • AniCator

1. Fix the back of his head.
2. Start with the neck.
3. Fix what has to be fixed, like tweaking the eye sockets and the ears.

PS: The mesh is still mirrored, for the facial expression test I temporary applied the Mirror modifier.

“Yes, master YES!”:
I was bored so I made a small animation for the AnimWatch competition. It doesn’t matter or I win, I did it just for fun.


Have Fun!

- AniCator

Cool! The motion blur might be set a bit too high, but the animation is really good.

I added the motion blur with VirtualDub.
I know it’s to much, but it’s not controlable in VD.

cool, but there’s no expression in the eyes so it doesnt fit yet

I limited his expressions to about 5 shape keys.
I think I’ll do another test after I made some more progress.
I’ll first model the neck and maybe continue with the full body. After that I’ll make another animation, a better one.

that’s great, very entertaining!

Thanks MagicMyshu.