the facial texturing tutorial

download the first part of the facial texturing tutorial here:

i tried in altavista to translate the whole webpage…but it only did the half.then i translated part by part and saved them as *.txt.then i fired up
( :-?) dreamweaver to make the webpage like the real one.the second part contains bump and specular mapping along with painting the lips.i think i will be able to upload it in a 3-4 days.enjoy!!

Thanks! This tutorial rocks.

Where did you learn this stuff ???

i did not learn was a hacking from a tute on the net.i forgot the URL.

This is so awsome! I can’t wait for the second part! Thanks, can you tell us where the orighinal came from? Oh, I see you forgot the url, oh well, it’s great, thanks!


Thanks this kind of information is useful. Looking forward to the next parts.

ok…i 've got a problem.i bought a new hard-disk exchanging my old one and tried to load redhat linux 7.1 along with win98.everything went fine until my pc refused to boot in win98.i then reinstalled windows …and then my pc would directly boot to windows…no linux options :-? .i then thought to reformat the linux partitions but had to delete the total extended partitions of the hd.the data which were not backed up went away forever.the second part of the tutorial was there.though i backed up all my blender the second part will be there…but with a bit delay.

Oh shoot, I wish I had known sooner. You can’t reinstall windowz over linux, it takes everything out of the boot partition. you need to use your (linux) boot disk to get back in , or else reinstall linux as an upgrade, which will put the boot loader back in. Oh well, hopefully all is ok again. I hope you didn’ lose too much :x j

Love Ingie

i just did this few days works isn’t a big problem right now.but the agony still remains when you have to redownload terragen,reference pics,tutorials etc.some of my dreamweaver works are gone too.

Hey Kos,

As I can see, the source of this tute was in french. It should be possible to find the original url using google or simillar engines. Could you please post the original french file, for the source code could have possible clues about the location of that tute, of course if you still have it…

Cheers, it would be sooo useful for all of us.

hi…errr i lost the main french tute after my hard-disk was formatted.never mind…you can find the original one at searching for the texturing and surfacing tutorials there and scroll down until you get something like creating photorealistic facial texture etc.