The Failed Beauty
large res

this is my finished WIP you can see here. I called this image “The Failed Beauty” because my first intention was to model Heidi Klum but unfortunately I was/am missing the skills to model people so that the look like the original. I want to finish this project because I am working on it since October 2007 in my free time and I want to start some new things. I have enough of it :smiley:
Of course I could try to invest another two or three months to achieve more likeliness but I don t think it is worth it. She looks quite pretty IMO and I think it s ok, too. Perhaps I ll try to improve the model in a few years when I am better at modeling people…

I want to thank all the people who commented in my focused critique thread and motivated me to keep it going. I also thank BenDansie who has written this guide for creating very nice skin and all the people who have made blender what it is today,
Thank you!

Feel free to write any comments and critique. If you find some major mistakes or suggestion how to boost the image a lot I might change it :wink:


Well, I wouldn’t call it failed. not at all. the model looks great. The only thing that bothers me is the blurriness of the textures, and the lack of colour variation on the skin. Did you try downloading some high res skin textures to make the skin look believable, or was this all hand painted?

Just curious – anyway, it’s a really nice job, you should be proud of it :wink:

I changed this version to a version without glow and all the blur. Now you might see some details of the skin in the large resolution.

I wouldn’t call it the failed beauty either. The eyes and the lips in particular look good to me. I like the SSS you used on the skin. The only thing that jumps out at me is the “parting” in the hair, which looks unnatural somehow. It seems like there’s too much skin showing in between her locks.

a few more practice and I think you will be competing with Steven Stahlberg :wink:

I don’t even know who is that Heidi girl so … :smiley:

The modeling is very good, the only strange things I see are :

  • the way her hair part, as Anayo said. Also, they seem to grow very low on the front, that seems weird to me but maybe it’s ok.
  • The kind of blotch on her cheeks, just after the corner of her mouth (hardly visible but it creates 2 darker horizontal lines)
  • The fact that the inside of her nostrils look illuminated. Unless she has a torchlight right under her nose, I think her nostrils should be shadowed :slight_smile:

Well, all of that is just little details - because you really achieved a good image :slight_smile:

She could be Heidi’s sister…seriously.

I really like this one. The face is near photo realistic. Beautiful work. I would like to see her with an interesting expression like a smile or winking her eye.

The part in her hair may be a bit too pronounced. I don’t know particles enough to know how to fix it, though.

Very nice result, maybe hear in the middle of the head line could be more dense. But of course I am not sure how Heidi Klum top had looks in detail :-)))

I know what it feels like, to work on a project that takes forever. Congrats on completing it!

I wasn’t around in the focused critique thread, but when I first look at this image I felt like it was a man…I think I’ve tracked down the two main reasons why (the first two).

  1. The harsh shadowing on her cheekbones and face, also made by the hair in the back, makes it look almost like a beard shadow (5 o’clock shadow)

  2. I think the eyes look great, but I think they are too small. I think if the eyes were a touch larger she would be much prettier. Granted, you were trying to copy a real life woman, so her eyes may not be that much larger, but remember that women, especially models, use makeup to give the apperance of larger eyes, etc.

  3. It really seems to me like the lips stick out too far on the face, like they need to be pushed back just a wee bit.

  4. And of course obviously the hair needs attention where it parts on the head. Remember, hair is not all just one length on a woman’s head, there are also smaller hairs in with the larger. Add another particle system with shorter hair and then comb it to create the part. Since it’s shorter it will be easier to make it look more dense (you can have more than one particle system on a mesh at a time). I think this would solve your hair issue.

Very good work otherwise! Nice work on the texturing.


I think it is great work. The eyes look real to me.