The fall of AUTODESK! WIP.

The fall of AUTODESK,

So, I decided to make this image, but I have hit a dead end, I fell it need for more detail, not sure what, also not sure where i should go with the textures. Been trying to think of how to make it better for weeks :spin::spin::spin::spin:

HELP?! :yes::yes:



MMmh, this is very interesting. Perhaps, inspire yourself from roman monumental architecture. Maybe using some marbles and concrete for the base. Then maybe starting adding some basic color could help you with getting ideas.

Keep it up :slight_smile:
Happy Blending :wink:

  1. Autodest text should be bleeding and on fire
  2. Stormy night with lightning background
  3. Blender text should be made of gold

Wax? Or it could had been engraved and falling out as it also had been made from gold.