The Fall of Lamron: Poisoned Waters

Ok, we are (sort of) gaining progress on this game, but not enough. We changed the story board, and make the game smaller, but open for squeals. Here is the story board:

The local water supply got poisoned by an unknown source. Everyone who drinks it slowly turns into a zombie. It eats away at their skin and clothes, and increases the aging process. Once it reaches their brain, it takes full control.

Objective: Find out who or what is poisoning the water and destroy it. You have to complete a series of quests before you can get the skills needed to destroy this monster, or what ever it is. Do not kill any of the zombies, because once you find an antidote they will turn back to normal. anyone you kill will stay dead.

There would be two scenes, part of Lamron (it would be big, but only half of all of the town of Lamron) and the water control area, which is across a huge aqueduct.
Screenshots will come later.

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HELP WANTED: We need some really good human modelers and very good animators! Without these, this project will probably die. Slowly, but surly.

sweet. i’m glad this project is still going (:

Hey JESUSFRK, I think we should have a really short pre-game, TFoL:Stirrings, with a level cap of ten, just to get some production. Also, with a level cap of ten, we only need 8 spells per element for now.

oh yeah, first, update the website, and second, we are open to sequels, not squeals :stuck_out_tongue:

Would it not be easier to instead of continually asking for animators, learn it for yourself. As a game designer, you’ll probably end up learning it anyway so why not sooner than later.

I don’t mean to be rude, it’s just that you shouldn’t let a project die just because your own unwillingness to learn.

Curly: This is a small one, lol.
Sanguine: I’ve got way to much to do in Lamron and other stuff besides lamron to learn animating. Plus, it’s take to long to learn.

I just stink at animating… I just can seem to get the perfect blend of keyframes… my animations always look jerky, not nice and fluid. :o

EDIT: yoda, can I have that aqueduct you made…

and, Ooo! idea! what if our shops were different scenes? so the shopkeepers wouldn’t be slowing the comps down. (it would make a HUGE difference to not have three or four shopkeepers sitting outside.)

Curly: Good idea!

EDIT: yoda, can I have that aqueduct you made…

Hey, I want that :stuck_out_tongue:

Not be a downer or anyhthing but why don’t you learn animating like sanguine said?Like in my “Monkey Rampage” game i’m having to learn alot of stuff that i didn’t know before cause i don’t have much help!But stell learn to do stuff you don’t know extend your knowledge!!!The time you guys have been asking for good animators all of you could have learned to animate well just take a while off to learn this stuff trust me its worth it!!!

Sorry to start my post off so negative i just had to get that off my chest!!!
Well anyways good luck on your game!

well, I suppose I could do animation. But there is no way I’ll ever skin anything, I just can’t get the hang of seams!

other than that:
again, we really need spell artwork. I tried a few in photoshop, but if anyone here is good at drawing, I would prefer handrawn to computer graphics.

I will upload the Aqueduct here, and get to work on a water treatment area.

I already got the area that will have the water control plant, I might upload screenshots. (I’ll upload it to the forums first to get advice, but yoda, I’d like to see yours also :D)

Since im feeling generous today ill make a killer model for you guys. I’ve gotten a ton better since that last one(bleh) What should it look like?

Thanks a ton!

For now make a male man, in his early 20’s that looks like strider from LotR (maybe not EXACELY like him, but that kind of person, if ya know what I mean ;))

YAY! a new main model?
EDIT: jesusfrk, when are you going to upload the screenies?

also, does anyone have the latest TFoL .blend from shmunk? I PM’ed him but he hasn’t been on.

I’ll upload some when I upload them :stuck_out_tongue: jk. I don’t know, once I get some progress.

Here is an Inn and a house I’ve made.


Are you guys doing any concept art? For a project of this scope to form a coherent whole, you should really be doing some designs and maps on paper first. You may want to look at this tutorial for more information.

I have, yes, but don’t scan everything in.

Ill see what i can do…Ill try to keep up this time…Sorry for ditching out on your last game

No problem, I don’t blame you :wink: