The Fall

Here is a short animation I did a while back. The tree is all hand modeled. I got inspired by the music that goes along with it. All Blender 2.49 and CGtextures with a little Gimp

Let me know what you guys think:)

Awesome job. Any reason you’re still using 2.49? Whatever the reason it’s working.

My only suggestions are more about camera angels than anything. I think the shot facing up the tree is a bit long (it’s a bit disorientating).

During the overhead shot the connected leaf blends in a lot with the leaves on the ground.

But awesome job! This is very well done. How long did it take to render?

It was a very interesting peice. However, I do have my concerns. If the wind blew that leaf, then it should blow all the leaves along with it.
I also sense that you really didn’t model that tree by hand. The way the branches looked, you had to use that tree maker plugin script.

Thanks guys,
As far as the “why still using 2.49?” I guess this was one of the last animations I completed in 2.49 I have since upgraded to 2.5. I was putting it off for a bit assuming it would take some time to learn the new tools and tool bars. The rendering and sequencing took a while. I worked on this over a couple of months, making the animation time with the music was also challenging but fun.
In regards to the tree modeling, Xero you are somewhat correct. I guess I consider using blenders old “tree from curves” script to be mostly modeled by hand. The new arbaro and sappling scripts do almost all the work for you, just a few settings to play with. The movement of leaf is all hand animated which proved to be difficult, trying to make the movement as smooth as possible. I guess I was trying to make the focus the single leaf but I completly agree that true physics would have blown all the leaves away.

I look back now and I am still proud but I know if I had to do it again I would do things differently, but thats the process right, the next one is always your best:)

Nice movie. As a beginner I am impressed by the movement of the lonely leaf falling down.

Ok, I can see that. Once again nice job on the animation.

one word, nice. And I hope you can make good animations in future and share with us.

Totally stoked! I am new as of today to Blender. I have downloaded versions for a couple years now, but was always daunted at the complexity, and never used it. Now suddenly I found a need to do 3D rendering as well as video editing. I just moved to Saipan, so am financially strapped (always am anyway) eying the neighbors dogs for BBQ; but anyway, was just thinking of asking a buddy to borrow $ for Maya or Final Cut (using Mac OS X 10.6) when I found Rhino for free as a BETA last night. When I looked at the tutorials, a lot of reference went to Blender. So I looked at Blender again and was totally impressed, and had no clue what I had in my machines for years now, just taking up disk space. I hope I can do as good a job as you did with this Fall thing as a 1st animation. Presently I am still doing Stykz (Stick Figure Animation) so I am jumping up a bunch of notches toying with the big boys. Thanks for the inspiration.

Thanks for all the positive comments. I’m glad to hear you guys like it:) I have plans for my next animation but all good things take time!

thanks for sharing it its a pretty nice peice…with all the critiques i think there are only two points i would change…as the leaf falls i would make the sky in the background move (which would add to realism) and then all the leaves blowing away…but then again Im still doing still images because the thought of such an animation is daunting when i have no clue where to start haha