The Falling Sheep

Hey guys

check out the awesome making of ‘The Falling Sheep’

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hope you like it …



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The techniques look pretty good here, but I’m afraid the users have already spoken and a large enough chunk do not want Ton to produce movie projects anymore (rather work on developing Blender and letting studios make the shorts).

The fact is that enough of the projects left a bad taste in the mouths of some that Ton may have blown his chance on ever getting the community to continue to support the projects. Simply put, he seems to do a much better job on coordinating actual Blender development than as a movie producer.

Nice making of Draguu, thanks for the break down! :slight_smile:

Very nice, thanks for running down the process!

Can you tell us how you made the clouds though? I was anticipating that lol

Thanks for posting this, draguu! The quality of the video is great, and the breakdown shows some really helpful tips! Especially important to me is that is shows how easily you can leverage the tools inside Blender to quickly create good results, which is especially important for animations as they often require many assets.

Wonderful work!

Very good!

great explanations, I particularly like the tree’s breakdown simple and absolute…

Great, thanks for sharing

God that.s cool!