The Famous Ford Sedan convertible 1932

First ScreenShots of my current “B.Parker and C.Barrow” project :

Critics and advises are welcome.

A++ Fmurr the CBA :wink: “CoolBlenderAddicted” :wink:

I love old cars like this one. Looks good so far, although on the side shot seems like a few dents in the mesh. Looking forward to watching this one progress.

the points of my interest:
the red shows where it looks way 2 indented and the blue is what looks indented but may also be the cars shape

Thanks, in fact the car is not supposed to be a new car just out of the factory,
but rather a used one, with holes and bumps in the steelwork, perhaps even worst.
So don’t be afraid if you see this sort of things.
Thanks for comments.

I thought that might be the case and I commend you for not making a perfect car and instead going for the used look and cars in those days got used alot. Also just realised you were talking about Bonnie and Clyde. Sounds like an interesting project.

ay yes my mistake


how how how mister fmurr…
what a greate job… EXCELENT, it’s look good.

Here look at this picture I found (maybe useful for your sheepBrain):wink:

A++Fmurr the cool Blenderchick.

That’s beautiful. Makes me want to go out and buy one as if I could afford one, ha ha. Looking great.

Thanks, the poor car is not going to look great anylonger :frowning:
:stuck_out_tongue: Because It is Clyde’s and Bonnie’s Car, beware of bullets…

Cool I was waiting for the bullet holes and soon as I figured out it was Bonnie and Clyde’s car. Looking forward to any updates. Is this project going to be a scene (single picture) or an animation?

Nice looking detailed model you got there. The cloth on the roof looks awesome. Only thing you could probably add is a shadow or something.

For the moment , just the B and C scene.
But I have a standby animation (I began a long time ago)
wich takes place in almost the same period, so I will perhaps use
a simpliest model of the car in it.


thanks fmurrr… but I have ever found this image :wink:
And the brain is finish :wink: Now I make the jaw :wink: hihi

That’s a nice model but i see no errors from my perspective but then again,I am a noob.