The fastest way to use textures. Period.

I am wondering what the best use of game uv textures is and how to make them the fastest possible. I raise the question because I am making a fps advetuer game and it tends to slow way down when textures are added. Am i missing something like turning off a slow component of the rndering prosses?

Textures can indeed slow down the game engine a lot. When you have tga texture of 3 mb each it slows down a lot instead of using jpeg textures of 200 kb. The best way you could use textures are in png, tga or jpeg format. Png for alpha, tga for quality, and jpeg for small textures, and keep them low in file size. Also there’s a opengl compatible size of textures from 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512, the last one is in some way the max you can use to make it really opengl compatible. Ofthen I paint my textures on 1024x1024 and scale them down to 512x512 and paint some details on it.

Using z-transparant on the materials to make png textures alpha bug free slows down the engine too, this can be fixed by using a python gl script.
Further I’ve got no idea what else could slow down the game engine in combination of textures. :-?

png would be better than tga for an image with an alpha?
hmm…might have to redo some textures…

thanx for the info…
I’ll try it out ASAP

my computer used to slow down a lot when i added textures (~.5) fps on the default scene because my video card sucked (Matrox Millenium G200 6Mb Vram) but i got a new one and it does not slow down very much anymore
but now it distorts the textures