The feature row will temporarily be moving a lot

Hi everyone,
I’ve just been given rights by Bart to restore a year of history of the feature row that I’ve been saving in this thread by tagging them with the “featured” tag.
This will make all the thumbnails scroll through the top row during the process so don’t worry, it’s not a bug and if you are currently featured you’re not gonna lose your exposure.

I will be doing that today June 13th from 12:00 PM GMT.


Thanks for handling this! It’s a ton of work, but with the new Grid Gallery option (which should be available Real Soon Now™️) it will look FAN-TAS-TIC!


Happy to see we’re having the grid gallery feature developed. Thanks awesome BA team!

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The work is completed

when it’s up for testing, link the topic here please, so I don’t miss it

I’ll run it on the test server first; I’ll ping you there :wink: