The Feds... Arg!

This is one of those long-nights-at-work-feeling-pissed-off mini rants, so anyone against those should hit the back button right about now. Also, being unaware of any new rules about what threads can and can’t be, feel free to lock this if you find it necessary…


After a long, busy night at work (cook, working in a 35+ degree Celsius kitchen, trapped in the dishpit for 7.5 hours [with no time for a break, mind you] full of extremely hot water), I called home for a ride. My ride came, I got in, at which point I was asked “What’s with all the cops?” Not noticing at first, I glanced around to see them all. And I guess that labels me as a druggy.

Flatfoot comes over to the driver’s side, says hello to my mother, asks me why I look nervous. Being one that is always nervous when confronted by an authority figure, I answered that I didn’t know. Apparently being nervous was a crime I didn’t know about.

I was asked to step out of the car, which I found a little weird because anything said outside the car would then be repeated inside. Flatfoot, again, asked why I was nervous. I regurgitated my previous answer, but I guess that wasn’t good enough, as I was asked if I had anything to be nervous about. Now, call me stupid, but if one doesn’t know why he/she is nervous, would he/she really know if he/she had anything to be nervous about?

The next several questions were about drugs and crimes I apparently committed that neither I nor the police knew about. First question was “Do you have any dope on you?” Upon answering with a “I don’t do that sort of stuff”, he asked if I was sure. Now, keep in mind I am an asshole by nature (you can ask anyone I work with). It is really hard to not give a stupid answer when someone asks what you think is a stupid question. Instead, I told him all I do is drink, which is legal at my age.

Next question: “Do you have anything in your pockets I should know about?” Answer: “Cell phone, wallet, keys, and a quarter.” He didn’t believe me, so I had to empty my pockets and turn them inside out. Subconsciously, I guess I rolled my eyes. He didn’t seem to like that. After an argument about that, we were on to the next question.

“Did you do anything today I should know about?” This is another time the asshole in me tries to break through. I was really tempted to tell him everything I did today.

The second cop was no better. “Where are you from?” I live by the police station, so I told him that, to which he responded with “Ah. Where are you from?” Here, I was tempted to tell him where I was born and all the places I’ve lived throughout my life…

The first fed took over, and, again, asked if I had any dope. Keep in mind, I had just emptied my pockets and turned them inside out. I was going to say I could check again, but simply responded with “No”.

Then came a question that really caught me off guard: “Did you have anything to do with anything that went on tonight?” I had no idea what happened, and I told him that. He wasn’t satisfied. Even though I spent 7.5 cooped up inside a boiling hot kitchen, I must’ve taken place in these “events”. He asked if I knew anything about it, and I said “No”, and he settled for it.

Now the part that really pissed me off. “It is so much easier if you would just be truthful with me from the start. If you’re truthful, I don’t have to find out about it later.” I hate being told I’m lying, especially when I’m not. Luckily, he stopped after I said I was telling the truth. But ending with a question worthy of ridicule.

“Why are you nervous?” Did he really think the answer would change after 3 or so minutes? Does repeating a question give you more truthful answers every time? Throughout this whole experience, I was asked if I had dope on my 5 times, and asked why I was nervous several more.

Sadly, this was not the first time this has happened. One day walking home from school I had a cop stop me and look through my backpack. She found a mechanical pencil, that apparently looked like a pipe. It was a Bic pencil.

Anywho, that’s all I have to type. This turned out much longer than I thought it would. And, again, feel free to lock if need be.

That sucks - but im wondering why you let them search you - especially your backpack that time. Afaik they have no right to do that unless you have a bong sticking out of it or a severed hand. Maybe you have been associated with some dodgy friends but that gives them no right to hassle you.
As for being a little nervous around authorities - who isnt? I certainly get sweaty hands around them even though Ive done nothing illigal.

Thats a Crappy Day.

If you ever get stopped again, just go into great description on what you have been doing through the day. Being resonable and not talking about what you had for Breakfast.

I can understand why a policeman would repeat questions and search you. After all he doesnt know you very well and is trying to find drugs from people who usually lie.

If you ever get the “why are you nervous?” question just say your not use to talking to police. Then go into how crap your day was.

Once you’ve described your rotten day and it explains why you look so tired & nervous. Then they will have no reason to question you further.

Holy crap that sucks! You must have fit some description really well.

“F. the police.”

>>> You must have fit some description really well.

I hate those days when I’ve had a rough day and am tired and think that it cant get any worse.
It always can. And if it can, it will. :rolleyes: