The Feebles(simple character project)

well, i got bored this-afternoon and decided to create a series of scenes with some VERY simple characters…and i like to call these little white balls of joy “Feebles” here’s the images :]

“Dead Feeble”
“Feebles eating Feebles”
“Stoned Feeble”

there you go :] mainly im looking for some nice lighting solutions and such things…im pretty picky about the modeling and keeping it simple so any comments on that need to be in that criteria

dude thats so think you’ll make short films

you know… i hadn’t really thought about it…im not really to good at animations…well, actually i’ve never really done one…so i dunno…

once again, my stuff goes to the bottom of the page with only one little reply from one person…will it ever end ?

ive never done an animation either…well not good ones.

OK, I’m not trying to sound like an ass when I say this, but a sphere with a hole in it resembling a mouth is not a really grasping, “I should reply to this thread”, thing. So don’t get upset when people don’t respond.

You got replies on your ship because it was something interesting to look at and you were trying something new while doing it. Keep on pushing that direction with your work and you will get the replies you want.

Typically, you will get 1 reply for every 40-50 views. That seems to be the average.


yeah…i kinda felt dumb after the fact(of me saying that)

so yeah, no replies is actually OK seeing as how its not really a masterpiece or anything…

sorry %|

Hey, now worries. You seem to want to get better. So that is why I said what I did.

Keep up the good work.