The Ferry

My first image-post here. Hope you like it.

I would love to see more detail on the gondela and the character on it. the sky contrasts nicely with the dark water, which I feel needs some attention as the color of the reflection isn’t right, you should look into the way water treats light.

let me guess. the river is Styx. not the band, not even the legendary band, but the legend. Nice sky.

Over all I like it, but it seems to miss something. Maybe a bit darker lighting, or a subtle mist rising from the water, so the ferry man would seem to come from the mist.

Sorry. I just realized you posted this in Finished projects. Nice sky/shoreline/water. and water is hard to do.

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Really beautiful! I love the colours and lightset up and everything about this image. Even though the model is simplistic, I love it!


I think this is amazing, really stands out from other work I’ve seen lately. A great atmosphere. Well done! :yes:

Good graphics, but yes, more detail would be good. Also there is something bad with the water, it lacks detail…

Very Nice, good for a first post. Simple and effective.

Very nice image. A wood texture on the boat would have been nice. Still, an excellent image with great sense of atmosphere!

Look like a painting like the feelling i rate 5 stars for the fell

Nice work. The tone/mood/colour scheme is very well done. I know this is in finished projects, but I have a suggestion. Maybe some ripples around the bow of the boat would give it that little something… You could probably do that pretty easily in sculpt mode.

I like the setting, but I dislike the ferry and the man riding it.
It feels misplaced where style/colour/details are concerned. I’d give it more detail. The hooded man feels totally not in place in this picture. He’s a bit too mysterious for this ordinary setting.

Thanks for all comments and suggestions!

This was actually a pretty quick piece (but probably my best so far), so I didn’t want to get into my usual habit of tweaking it hours on end and thus destroying the mood :stuck_out_tongue:

I probably won’t do an update, but I’ll keep the suggestions in mind for future projects.

Brilliant, i just love it. So different from what is normally showed. Great work and keep it up.

A very great picture there mate.
Only if you can make a new wood texture (like the rest said) it would make it (near) perfect.
I recommend to use procedural, making it wit MaPZone.

very simple, yet profound statement in this image… I like it!