The Fields

Trying to do some landscape again. A lot of details are to be added, and the grass needs fixing, it looks strange. Fences are not that good too. What else can be done do you think?


Nice atmospheric effects. But I think the relative scale is off between the truck, house, house elements, fence and woodshed. The truck seems longer than the house is wide, so the house looks too small relative to the truck. At the same time the door of the house looks too big relative to the truck. The woodshed looks as tall as the first story of the house, should this be?

There’s really large, very black shadow which starts in the far right side of the back yard which is not logically cast by the house, judging by the apparent light source direction. This shadow extends into the field beyond seems to continue beyond the image frame. The object casting this shadow ha to be off-camera due to the direction of the light source. And it would have to be something huge! What could possibly cause this ominous shadow in an otherwise barren landscape – a UFO? :smiley:

Agree with liasaurus abt scale. Texture on fence if the problem with fence. also liasaurus is right abt the shadow. i quite like the lighting right now.
The house n shed need to be more dirty.
truck is awesome

Sidenote(in background far off maybe some animals would be a really cool touch)

the atmosphere is very nice here…if your goal is to give a feel of loneliness to the whole picture, you’re on a good path! I agree that the scale is a little off, and the shadows generally make it seem all a bit small…a miniature i don’t know…i hope you choose to maintain the lonely feel into this; is really awesome!

I wonder if that fence wouldn’t look better (and more rustic) if the horizontal slats were a little more sparse? Maybe reduce them to 3 per section, give them wider gaps, and make them more uneven and sun bleached.