The Fight For The Christmas Calories!


(Enya) #1

Hello !!

This is my entry to the Blenderguru Christmas Contest 2017. :slight_smile:
Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, Simulation and Rendering done in Blender2.79 and Cycles with
minor Post-Processing in Photoshop.
1500 samples with denoiser (first time using it couldn’t figure out much about the settings actually :confused: )

Artstation :

(Bunnyhog27) #2

Really nice work Enya! Love the real look to the cake and other foods!


(Enya) #3

Thank you soo much Bunnyhog27 !! Means a lot to me.

(michalzisman) #4

Very nice, festive and Christmassy :slight_smile: Good luck in the contest!

(Enya) #5

And here is a clay render of the same.

(Natane) #6

Its beautiful! i love it. Congrats and good luck in the contest!

(Enya) #7

Thank you so much michalzisman !!

(Enya) #8

Thanks Natane !! Glad you like it !

(SandraDau) #9

Wow this looks like a fun piece! I love when a fun thing comes out like this. Congrats on getting featured.

(Enya) #10

Thanks SandraDau !! I wanted it to be a joyful one and what other way to get joyful than food ?!! :slight_smile:

(Luiz Claudio dA) #11

Incredible, made me want to eat.

(Enya) #12

Haha thanks Luiz Claudio dA you may !!

(bmullins3) #13

If I did not know that was CGI, I’m not sure I would have believed it anything but a photo.

(Enya) #14

bmullins3 Nice to hear that. Thanks !

(iarga) #15

Enya, I hope I can make something like that with Blender in the future. Thank you for showing this lovely still. In my mind the snowman is dancing and having fun.