the file browser: drag & drop features

so this feature of blender was discovered by accident, but this is a great feature which i was not aware of and after some searches on the net hoping to see some more info on it and i found nothing, so i thought maybe it’s not so famous. so here is a video tutorial.

hope this helped you, and will save some precious seconds of your work in near future.

Great tip! Thanks for sharing

Really nice, thank you!

Much better is that you can do drag&drop from Windows Explorer.

blenders spoils us, i am always disappointed now when i use a program and i Can’t drag and drop files! (my video editor won’t allow it. It makes me actually open them like some kind of noob!) :wink:

Yeah but your Video editor lets you choose the part you want to edit with first. That is not a noob feature that VSE doesn’t have *sigh.