The final strike doesn't break the stone

Its all the ones that lead up to it.

My brother just read this passage to me a few minutes ago and now I’m super motivated, I feel like I’m going to go god mode or something.

If you guys can’t be bothered reading it, its basically saying how great change doesn’t happen all at once and its the result of years of effort.

Starting today I’m going to change, no matter how small my efforts are, or how long it will take, I swear I will change, who knows maybe you all will get motivated by this too.

If you all don’t get motivated, I’ll change so much and show you something to get motivated for.

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old saying, from nothing comes nothing.
Best of luck!

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Thanks, I got confused with what you said, so I searched a bit. I think what you basically said is if you put no effort in, you will get nothing out of it.

Then that must mean the opposite of that is, from something comes something right?

I’ve started watching dr stone again so I’m even more motivated, also my brother taught me how you can see leg strength and shoulder strength and other stuff.

His shoulder pushed me farther than I could push him, I thought to myself I was just weaker.

But after he read that passage, I realised I wasn’t weaker, I just haven’t gotten strong enough yet to crack through my potential.

So much motivation, I feel it coursing through my whole body.

I can’t wait, I won’t let myself just waste the whole year like I did last year.

I hope you and everybody else finds something that will make you motivated as well.

likewise, thanks.

Blender is my therapy :sunglasses:

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And, y’know, in many ways "CG is hard!" No, really. It’s a very technically-demanding and exacting thing, and there’s always something else that you just didn’t know (yet). You’re not only confronted with “why isn’t this damm thing working?” but also by others whose work seems to be perfect – and somehow effortless. (It’s an illusion, but it sure doesn’t seem so.) Plenty of things that you start into turn out to be a lot(!) more complicated and time-consuming than you imagined when you started working on them. Furthermore, the pressure is very real and intense … especially when you are “stuck,” as you inevitably are, sometimes. (Show of hands, please: “How many of you have said to yourself: ‘oh god, this is it … I can’t do this … oh, I am so dead.’”)

And so – “this is the price of Making Magic.™”

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