The Fire Dragon

Ok, my friend did some awesome drawing of this dragon, and as soon as I got my claws on the drawing I gave it some FX to… increase the awesomeness of the drawing. So here it is, the legendary fire dragon.

Drawing by Dalton Mussi

(Note, this was scanned from a copy he did on one of his notebooks and I was too lazy as to delete the lines of the notebook, you you see some lines here and there…)

What do you think?

that is pretty sweet. Not very realistic/3d, but its still real nice

thats f**ken cool. :smiley:
got a great ‘elemental’ feel to it.

I wouldn’t worry about the lines, I would have never seen them had you not mentioned it. Good work.

if u think this is great wait tilll u see the awesome rock dragon, fred u should post that one

I don’t have the other dragons in my clutches…

oh how I wish i had the skill and TIME to do this in Blender… %|

rogerm3d: thanx but it doesn’t need to be realistic or 3D to be cool!.. it’s all about the beauty of the fire… :wink: lol.
Riskbreaker: thanx dude!

wow, thats great. :smiley:
looks like some ancient symbol of some sort

That is awesome.

cool :smiley: , I guss you draw it by hand (you can see the notebook lines), scand it and made some proces in photo editor of some sort. so which one was it? photoshop, photoprint, gimp…?

The effects in this picture are sweet, dude. I need to try this in photoshop… I think I’ll go do that now…thanks for the inspiration!