The fire pit
After more then a week of finding what works and what not I finally have a decent pit of fire without particles.

Now this time I actually meant for this to be a test image so it is a test.

Is it animateable?

It’ll take a while to render but since it relies on procedural textures more than anything else it can and will animate if you animated the texture offset.

Nice effect. I like it especially around the tips of the flames. The problem as I can see, is at the base. The lava (?) texture could be improved upon, but what’s more is that the base of the flames is just as sparse as the tips, while a flame is nice and solid at its base, having ample fuel to burn upon. As for how that can be remedied with procedurals, I’m not really sure… maybe if a blend texture was overlaid along with the one being currently used, the flames could be solid at their base and fade out as they got higher? Dunno, as I’m not great with textures…

is that similar to cards based hair/grass? or displacement?..

It uses a clouds texture with colorband set to voronoi with noise depth of 2-3. It has a sharp red transparent edge and goes to less transparent yellow and finally to more transparent blue. A blend texture with very sharp transition to alpha was used, but to make it uneven and to make the top the way it is, I made it into a second material with another texture that warps the blend texture using the texture warping button introduced in 2.36. The colors and the alphas were then combined in the node editor.

I’ve tried radial slices (takes a long time), messy tubes (not good enough), a slice mesh with an uneveness (didn’t make the desired result), dense hair particles (too, uugh) it took up to several days of gradual work finding out what did and didn’t work.