The Firefox star?

Some folks at seem to think someone was trying too hard. What do you think?

Maybe someone at has WAAAAAYYY too much time on their hands… :smiley:

At least it doesn’t look like the IE logo. :evilgrin:

But the star itself is kinda cool, though.

If you take the star patterns that are supposed to look like hunters, queens, scorpions, bears and so on as your standard, that pic is a dead ringer for the firefox logo. :eyebrowlift2:

That’s no star…

That is so cool! Great find! Wonder what else is out there for us to find. It’s a sign!

It’s a that expelled its outer layers, like some types of variable stars, but they don’t know know yet where to place it in the charts. It’s cool and deep-red like dwarfs, but its mass is out of their range. This star is interesting on its own.