The First all in one rigged character for blender 2.8 is here!

everything you need to animate in blender 2.8 is here

with ellie a beautiful woman ready for animation

with over 255 bones

its support fk and ik for both arms and legs

advanced pivot slide for spine

foot roll controllers

facial def with shape keys

advanced eye deformation

socket rigs

two bone def system

squash and strech def

weight painting

advanced finger movements

intersection on the knees and elbows for better deformation

soft body sim for hair simulation and breast

mesh deform cage for the body

and much more !!!

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Hello can we download it somewhere please ?

hi there
you can download from here!T8RXlAxb!d4TlInUlOfmcLNEN3MnUG9KpCBGjH6u6Afsl9_2LTo8
the rig its quite good but have problems on streching bones , i need to update sometimes in the near feature

you can watch some overview here

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Ok thanks, he’s a very good character.

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