The first Chinese Blender book <Blender Definitive Guide / Blender 权威指南> released!

Hi All Blenderheads!

After 17months hard writing I’m happy to announce that my first or we could say the world first Chinese Blender book <Blender Definitive Guide / Blender 权威指南> got published finally by the China HZbook Publisher! Bravo! The release day is 15th May but I decide to collect some data for the sale situation from the latest 2 weeks first, so that’s why I just let you know now. Sorry for the delay great news. :slight_smile:

For short to introduce this book:

No matter whether you are a new learner for Blender or have supported Blender for years, this book will serve to help in learning and upgrading one’s knowledge with regards to Blender. The book will be unique in the sense that apart from covering all the basic functionalities of Blender topic-wise, it also contains 4 large-scale project tutorials.

In the basic section, I will try to explain every feature. It will be supported by coverage of background principle such as arithmetic. This is because I believe one may need to understand the entire workflow. Modeling, texturing, lighting, shading and modifiers will be explained in this section.

The next section will cover advanced topics and areas, inclusive of rendering, node, compositing, simulation, animation, python basic and BGE function. This section also contains some small example projects after the initial detailed walk through.

In the final section of the book, I will cover projects involving car modeling, character, rig design and walking cycle animation workflow as well as interior with Yafaray for big projects.

From what I have seen, a lot of Blender tutorial and documentation treat individual topics as separate entities, and never discuss the complete workflow of dealing with a large-scale project. So I would love to present everything from my experience in this section to help you complete your own project.

Next for the sale update:

The book is processed based on V2.56 but could be able to follow the new coming versions, and I try to cover most of the basic points for beginners and some projects ideas for senior advanced users. The final pages of the book are 16 Chapters with 300K words 664 pages and 1500 screenshots full price for RMB#89 ( around 13$ / 1RMB=0.154$ ). It sound this is cheap in dollar but actually it is already very expensive in China (Normally the average book price for book in China is 40RMB,). Well although it is costly, but we got a very good sale records. For the first one week we make the sale records to 1600! Now it already crosses over 1900 for the first month. Grate news for Blender lovers in China!

And almost all the online store provided a 5 stars for the remarks. I also got many appreciate emails and nice comments feedback to just tell me: they love it! And it make onboard the popular sale billboard to 4th only use 2weeks, this is very awesome. I didn’t know there are so many people would like to learn it and it got spread so fast! Even some foreigners in China had send me the emails asking if there’s any possible to get an English version, well unfortunately not available yet. :slight_smile:

And just few days ago, I was told that some people already began to make the illegal scan copy book for sale! Well I don’t know I should be happy or upset, but my friend told me those people will only choose the best sale book to make pirate copy, so you should consider that they agree that your book is great! So somehow kind of a good news to help me to introduce Blender in China now.

The book is printed in black & white which could not provide the best quality picture as a fact of the price. So my publisher is working on the color ebook version. Will be released later. Meanwhile they will provide all the download of color pictures.

Well the above data are just for the first few weeks, so I’m not sure how it will be in the coming June. But let’s see what it can be in the market to make Blender more famous and Chinese user happy than before!

The related links for the book:
Support website:

I also want to take this opportunity to appreciate all the team who worked for this book:
Contact: Mr Li Kun
Editors: Mr Yang Fuchuan, Miss Chen Jiayuan, Mrs Wang Yuchan, Miss Zeng Shan, Mr Fan Huaming
BlenderCN community and all the good friends
And my lovely family!

Hope you guys will enjoy reading and happy blending!
Ethan Luo/congcong009


some screenshots from online store

okey, here’re the final two.

Hi Ethan,

I have written a review of your fantastic book here:

Chinese Blender Book review

well done in getting your book finished, I remember you posting a few of the wips that you mentioned were for a book. I hope you book continues to do well.

Looks absolutely stunning, great work!

Thanks guys! Hopeful I will got sometime to translate it into English. :slight_smile:

Good Job. Looks Nice.
As a US citizen it was my understanding that people in China weren’t allowed to use the web fully
so I’m happy to see this is not the case and there are Chinese people using Blender.
Take care!