The first Day

hello all

Sorry for my english

I am Tales
32 years
and animator blender

I make a fps like monster hunter:

  • need carve animals(uprade items)

Real life like sims:
-need eat, drink and sleep
-protect your house

Like Warz:
-need kill zombies
-random items

Player file:

-walk, run, left, rigth, jump -»ok

Sniper (with zoom), knife, handgun and flashligth (on/off) -» ok

Drink,sleep,eat,life -» ok
Pickup -» ok

Inventory -»ok but need better

Special thans for Riyuzakisan for script MouseLook and modifications for me.
Special thanks for house model Isidor.

I you want join my project, it’s with pleasure.

player file :

add hatchet and pickup wood finish

looks interesting :slight_smile: keep it up!

I would be interested in possibly designing a level editor, and add modding support… Looks like an excellent game to do so.

Keep up the good work!

sure with pleasure.
my skype: zelda_tales

i use skype for desktop sharing.

i add zombie:
-AI, attack run and idle animation-»ok

but i have problems my player boucing.

awesome, seems promising

problem boucing -»resolved

add spikes and hammer for protect house or repair

Spikes + hammer + wood = protect windows

Looking sweet so far brosef

What Skormeus i use google trad but not good, because my english is bad,sorry

dog friend for help and follow the player

Animals hunting


I think I can help a little with python.

Good years all

bankbaa thanks you for proposition, with pleasure

Dogs AI and animation-»OK

I’m not good with animation but I’ll try.
By the way I already add your skype my skype is ibaanb.

i am animator, just need python for better inventory system, switch weapon and drop system

First animal for hunting and carve

Screen industrial zone 1

all team work on player and big city, all building and house is open

New player file tps/fps with real view 180°

need HELP for texture map, thank

Animations éléphants, dogs,birds is finish





Animals have multiples animations
See old messages for view list