The first official CG only job board.

Over at, a user named 99sproth has set up a brand new CG job board site. This is a one of a kind site that was put up to help people get work in the CG industry. It is only a few days old and is still going under some update/edit work. But it is working nicely. Already has 34 members signed up.

I asked 99sproth if he could add Blender to the app list. He did, so now you have the option to choose blender as your primary app when you register. I personally love the idea of this site. There is no other site like this on the web in terms of only CG artists. 99sproth is working on getting the studios to start posting jobs. Once this site becomes noticed and popular, the studios will start coming in faster and faster.

Well, I just figured you guys would like to know. Here is the site link:

Here is the CGTalk thread:

I think if this site really takes off, it will be a very beneficial to lots of people. It is not easy to find work in the CG industry these days, but I think this site will make that task just a little easier.

What do you think?


What do you guys think? Anyone here sign up yet? Site is looking better and better every day. Can’t wait till someone get’s their first job there.

I signed up, but there seem to be problems with the site. I wasn’t able to retrieve any member profiles…

really? What where the problems you were recieving?

Go to the “professionals” page and search with “max” or “lightwave”. Then click on a member’s “user name”. When I did this, I got a blank page. Tried it a couple of times, didn’t work with any of the members I tried.

I’m using Mozilla Firefox, btw.

Couple suggestions for the site: 1. allow members to include more than 2 3D apps. I used Max and Lightwave because I thought that might get the most hits, but I’ve used all the apps on the list plus a couple more. 2. allow separate member “username” and “real name”. I normally use “bigkahuna” as a username, not realizing that was what was going to be displayed (none of my clients know me as “bigkahuna”, that’s a monicker I picked up from my surfing buddies). I’d rather have my real name displayed.

Still like the site, great idea…

ok, well i looked for you in the professionals section. I found your info:

About the user name. I think you can change your user name when you edit your profile. But not sure. I’d say you’re better off contacting Simon. He will be able to help you more.