The first scene of my new shortfilm

It still don’t have english title, only hungarian, so you could find out one.
I have came back from summer holiday, and my site has been updated. You should have a look at my site.



That looks great! Awesome characters!

The masked dude seems to move a little slow when he swings the stick. Should be quicker with that movement.

Can’t wait to see some more.


wow nice work! charecter animation is great and the sound is awsome… I would make the sky a bit brighter. but all in all it’s great job… I’m wating to see more of it.

I liked it. But isnt it a bit painfull to be fried? He’s just sleeping.
Good animation. I would like to see more too, please :slight_smile:

That is great, I look forward to seeing the whole thing :slight_smile:

Gyííík, muhaha :slight_smile: Kííírááály!

Nice piece! cool (animated)tree, background and character. I don’t really get the point of the story behind it, but it’s funny anyway.
Good work, like to see the rest (It looks likes an intro or something like that)

Well done, that is awsome. Made me laugh a couple of times, character animation looks great, in fact best character animation i’ve seen with Blender. Admittedly I haven’t seen much but it’s still great.

Wow… I’m astounded. That’s amazing. It absolutely dwarfs my short film that I’m making. :frowning:

Wow… :smiley:

Haha, that’s cool! The animation is good and so are the characters - I’m really looking forward to see more of these crazy chaps :D.

Thanks for the replies, I’ll work on it. I have made at the summer the half of the second scene too, but it isn’t public yet :smiley:
The first one is the character introdution, that’s why there isn’t any story.

Impressive! He does lie down for a tad long without anything happening though. Everything is very nicely animated from start to finish. How long do you intend the final film to be?

I think it will be 7or 8 minutes.
The rendering took abot 30 hours so far.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Wow, I like it alot! Can’t wait to see this get finished! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

one change, the sun was kind of loud

Wow, you did an awesome job on achiving a nice cartoony look, good job on that. And the animation is pretty good, i liked the way the lizard was animated while sleeping, that looked awesome.

The run cycle could use a little work, it looks a little stiff, his COG isn’t bounding up and down enough which makes him look a bit floaty rather than having weight.

His leap into the air should have a little more aniticipation, a little more of a crouch pose and held for like 3 frames, then he should really spring up fast into a much stronger pose, like he’s really winding up to whollop this guy.

Also, a bit more reaction from the lizard guy would be good, wider eyes (popping out if you can do it, even just a tiny amount would look good). His mouth should open more, think of the amount of air he is expelling from being hit and is no doubt making a huge by loud 'OOOOOFFFFFFFF" sound.

The timeing is very important, you have to play on people’s anticipations and then delever with a dramatic bang. Look at some Tom and Jerry animations, i know iv seen both of those characters wind up with something like a bat or a stick many of times, take your timeing from one of thease shots.

Really good job tho, this looks very good and with just a bit of tweaking it could be really awesome!!! :slight_smile:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

EDIT: I just checked my animation notes, and i was wrong, you need at least 6 frames for the human eye to detect a hold. :slight_smile:

I havent got that video codec in linux, although I could here the audio. Perhaps you could post a mpg file for us linux users :slight_smile:

Wow! That was great! I REALLY like it so far!!! I can’t wait to see more. Keep us posted. :smiley:

can you put it in a avi. or quicktime version?

hey real nice job! keep on going with this, It’s gonna rock. Oh, and linux folks, try using mplayer- plays it fine

Nicely framed. Good mise en scene. Great work. Let’s see more.