The first test in rendering an interior! Modeling: Blender

Hello! Yesterday I decided to try myself in rendering interiors… Here is the first test I did…
P.S. I didn’t finish the disign of this room, just tried to make nice materials and lighting… IN VRAY!
It’s sized image, the original one is 1280x1024 here

nice, man. good modeling, good quality. I like the table.

gasp That’s like totally photorealistic! How did you make that? Great work!

2 all thanks

Made what? :slight_smile:

  1. As I wrote it was in Vray
  2. You must know how to setup lighting
  3. You must make good materials
  4. You must setup the render setings

What is Vray?

Vray is something like Brazil and YafRay… But it uses with Max …:frowning:

With max? So basicly it is 3D Studio Max and VRay on a Blender forum? I see. :wink:

Looks good, though it’s Vray… :stuck_out_tongue: