The First Thing


Being new to the Blender universe, I thought this would be the best place to ask about what I initially would like to with Blender and get whatever suggestions from others who have attained to the starrier reaches. :slight_smile:

Basically, what I want to do with Blender is architecture. In my case what I would like to learn is how to develop a two-dimensional outline, say for example, the floor plan of an entire house into a three-dimensional image of the house.

An added note to this is that many of the outlines that I have done have been made in Photoshop. So, I’m wondering if somehow the jpg file can be used as a framework in Blender or do I have to do the floor plan from scratch in Blender?

That about sums it up neatly for my first post here and I would appreciate any suggestions as to how this can be accomplished whether from your own experience or tutorials that directly address this.

By the way, I’m aware of the possibility that some of you may think, “Hold your horses, Blender novice, there’s some first things that have to be learned before your first thing”. If so, then so be it and I await the first order of things. :slight_smile:



Well if the floorplans were created as vector shapes, or paths, (in photoshop) you can export them and use them in blender. But most likely you’ll use the jpeg as a reference image within blender. Basically you set the floorplan as a background image, and then add the vertices using the image as a guide. You create all the walls in 2-d, and then extrude them up to make a 3-d object. Then you punch holes for windows, add doors etc… Set your materials, light it, and grab a beer.

If this is your first project, you may want to start with something a little simpler to get comfortable with the interface. But if you want to dive in this isn’t a bad tutorial on using floorplans for modeling. You’ll want to save a lot and make version numbers (house-11.blend, house-12.blend) , as it’s really easy to get confused and mess up your model when you’re learning. Good luck.

And welcome to Blender Artists!


Thank you for the response.

I had a look at that video but the style in which it is delivered is somewhat abrupt, things are not explained thoroughly. Actually, your brief explanation re floorplan as reference and then adding vertices was good and quickly gave me the approach to use if using jpg. The suggestion to start with something simpler is also good and perhaps I will experiment with a simple grid and go about giving the lines different 3d dimensions, etc.

Looks like a lot to learn in Blender but also looks like fun. :smiley: