The first tree

Hello guys,
That is my latest scene named “The first tree” which is taking part as one of various illustrations I’m doing for a new novel written by Brazilian writer. Once he allowed me to publish them here they are.
Done through Blender and Gimp. I hope you like it.


This is a funny mixture of realism and surealism. It kind of facsinates me. Nice work!

The color palette kind of distracts me though. The bird should be the POI, i guess. But the tree is stealing a lot attention with its crazy colors and strong contrast

Thank you centauri.

As the title suggests that its about the tree, maybee the bird catches too much attention? The feathers seem to look really nice, especially for the translucency on the second, slightly overexposed shot. It’s hard to tell though, on my phone it looks pretty low-res. The tree color palette might be a bit too saturated imho. And in the first shot the bird’s positioning (a fenix?) looks a bit strange. Maybe its tail should be behind the branch?

It makes me remember to Shaun Tan(The Lost Thing, but most to The Arrival).