The Fish Is Traped

being a fish must be lonely just swimming in the bowl of water and nothing else but i guess you could ignore the loneliness by forgetting it after all gold fishes have a really short memory

That fish is actually very well made and very realistic. The water tank is basic and I don’t see how it can improve. However the setting is horrible. That all white background takes everything away from your work. We can’t even see how good it is unless we really focus. Maybe you could make a piece of furniture and put the fish tank on it. Add some vegetation in the back, some contrast with dark colors. Use colors that aren’t very light in your background, so that your fish and its little tank stand out. Good renders aren’t only about the lighting, modeling and texturing. Composition plays a huge role as well. Anyway, Good job, good luck and have fun! =)

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nice & keep it up…
for further motivation, exercise, practice… :slight_smile: you can improve by…

  1. Fluid in a glass

  2. ambient / environmental element (ie. Takashi Amano works)
    (not the whole shebang, but just a single plant, rock… detail - as is table ware to a kitchen viz)

ps. forgot to mention - hope you observe the lighting well :wink:

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