The FIX for the ATI slowdown in blender....

OK guys, a fix for the slowdown in blender on ATI cards was posted by ron17 at the blender3d forums, basically, just take the atiogxx.dll file from the catylyst 3.7 drivers and plop it in your blender directory. :slight_smile:

could anyone host JUST the dll? So that people don’t have to download the 20 meg package and dig the DLL out of the libraries? I can send it to anyone that can host it. (Elysiun maybe?)

I don’t think the drivers’ liscence permit redistribution in part or in whole. :expressionless:


Check out this recent thread:

I’ll ask here too, what problem does this fix?

what exactly was the bug which caused ati cards in windows with particular [newer] driver versions to get slower?

Wouldn’t the name be atioglxx.dll by chance ? Your’s missing the l.


oops, yep innocent. :slight_smile: Typo there… :wink:

I use the atioglxx.dll from the original driver that came with my AIW 9600 Pro. I guess it is from Catalyst 3.10, 3.9 the latest. Works like a charm.


ooo, this should work, where can I get it? I have an ATI card and blender is very slow, hopefully this should fix it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I downloaded the file off the the site that Broken posted. I downloaded it but it didn’t do anything. It just had a shortcut to blender and some files, blender didn’t run any faster. :-?

it had a blender executable

which didn’t suffer the slowdown problem on ati cards

if you didn’t experience slowdown before (by perhaps running the older drivers) than there would be no noticeable difference.

that build also had the new zoom…

Maybe you can get permission from ATI for distribution of it.

well all I know is that my blender runs very slowly. Some people said that I should get a new video card. It isn’t really slow in modeling, but mostly when u browse for a file or try to add an object the text takes forever to appear, u have to wait for it to load. :-? I have an old ATI 16mb card right now.

if it is slow from the start, it’s a different problem.

this is the problem with drivers newer then Cat 3.9 where blender starts fine, then slows down after a few minutes. after about 5 minutes there is a thre-5 second delay for anything. (Spacebar menu, view change, entering/exiting edit mode, menus etc)

All is fine with your card and drivers: it’s just old. Really old. I bet that just about any card, even a TNT2 would be faster.
What people are talking here is problems with the latest ATI Drivers, those of 2004 mostly

O ok, maybe thats what my problem is. Thanks a lot IamInnocent. :stuck_out_tongue:

it works! old radeon 32MB here…

Solution does not work with Radeon 7000 32mb

again I ask, do you mean:

ati radoeon 7000 runs blender just as slow with this build


ati radeon 7000 runs blender slow, but as it is used more there becomes a longer and longer pause [where blender is unresponsive] after doing several things, like rotating the view.

[also, have you tried newer drivers and different color depths? [probably worth trying different color depths before different drivers]]