The FlameThrower

Hello my name is Jimmy and I have been testing the smoke simulator a lot these days. I was thinking: Hmm maybe I will follow Andrew Price tutorial on Blender Guru on how to make a Flame Thrower, and so I did.

Baking time: 3-4 hours
Rending time: 7-9 hours
Render: Blender internal

Smoke settings:
Divisions: 80
highres: 2

I had to re render like 2 times and it took maybe like 3-4 days to have a complete render. Then I had problems encoding the Frames to a movie. But today I managed somehow to encode it!
So here it is… Enjoy!

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Jafem, Very realistic, I always imagined the fuel would burn longer… I guess, who has seen a flame thrower this close up. Thanks for sharing. Joe.

Looks great. I might try this.

My 2c:
Deserves a sound effect I think. Try blowing into a mic and modulating the sound to the up/down of the flame curve. Then add a little crackle sound as well from somewhere.

Thanks all for your replys :smiley:

Thats really and i could say at pro level.