The Flamethrower

Hi everyone,
Here is my last artwork, from the game that I’m making with a group of friends.
This is our first game, and we know that there is a lot to do yet, but we’re really enjoying the process.
All the graphic is made by me in Blender with Blender.

If you want to support us give a look to these links:


Hi! it’s nice, but can we have some specs about the artwork itself?

Thank you!
Yes, you’re right!
I made it in a couple of days, rendered with cycles, 2000 samples. I used a smoke simulation for the flame (and baked just a couple of frames, cause the baking time was reeeeeally long!). Post processing was made in Blender too.

You need a little bit of better more PBR shader on the armor. I can tell its using smooth lighting and it looks weird. Great model and fire, just bad texturing. Of course you could do it better in blender but if your texturing a lot of stuff like for a game I would recommend Substance Painter, it is the most powerful texturing and painting software out there. If your gonna just use blender don’t rely on the smooth shader it isn’t a very accurate representation of “smooth”

Hi garbagegiraffe and thank you for your feedback!
In this project I didn’t even attempt to use PBR, cause I wasn’t looking for a realistic render. I should improve my texturing skill but I’ll definitely follow your suggestion using Substance Painter next time.