The flat earth society. Yes really.

Just have a look at that…

The fluid problem

Water. Regardless of which train of thought you follow, it covers over seventy-five percent of our planet’s surface. And the atmosphere, also a fluid, covers the entire surface. The difference is why. While flat-Earthers know that the ocean is really just a large bowl, (with great sheets of ice around the edges to hold the ocean back), and the atmosphere is contained by a large dome, the backwards “round-Earth” way of thinking would have you believe that all those trillions of gallons of water and air just “stick” to the planet’s surface.

Staying on top

Once again, picture in your mind a round world. Now imagine that there are two people on this world, one at each pole. For the person at the top of the world, (the North Pole), gravity is pulling him down, towards the South Pole. But for the person at the South Pole, shouldn’t gravity pull him down as well? What keeps our person at the South Pole from falling completely off the face of the “globe”?

In order to avoid the aforementioned scenario, (which obviously is inaccurate, as you very rarely hear of people falling off the face of the planet) we are forced to assume that, in the “round Earth” theory, there would be a gravitational field radiating from the center of the planet. All objects, be they rocks, insects, humans, or other planets would have, under Efimovich’s theory, have a gravitational “charge” that would, under a certain alignment, cause them to be attracted to the center of the Earth. Unfortunately, like a magnet in a stronger magnetic field, it would undoubtedly require a long time to re-align an object’s gravitational charge, were this the case. And so we go to argument four, which deals with difficulties in having different “downs” for different people.
They’re dead wrong there though, gravity doesn’t need to align it’s field… it is a completely attractive force, from all sides.

And though the part of the site which is called “fighting the evidence” is under construction, I’ll tell you what they claim. They claim that the evil corporation called NASA faked all the images and space launch and that there’s a giant ice wall around the earth and that their unlimited funds allows them to put guards all around the earth that will shoot you if you go too far south, as in towards the edge.

It’s not a joke, they actually believe this, go to their forum and see for yourself.
Well, it was recently hacked and now there’s only one board and spambots have invaded like mad, but the people are still there… oh wait, I just checked and I guess it’s back again. Well, all the better.

I had an one-on-one with one guy whose only argument was that the bible said it was flat, and he later went on to say he hoped I burned in a billion degree furnace in hell and that my kids do to, and kept saying things like “read the fucking bible dipshit, it’s all there” as if the bible is the source of all scientific knowledge. And he actually said NASA works for the anti-christ, and I told him he must pay them a lot, and he eventually said he didn’t have time to argue with a condemned soul or something along those lines.

Some of them believe the earth is flat for less idiotic reasons, or at least not religious ones. But what with modern flight navigation, I don’t see how all those flights going across from russia to alaska will be shot down by NASA.

They say that scientists are all in this together and want to keep the shape of the world secret…

Science is about testing your theories and learning from mistakes, and we all know how little funding they get anyway…

HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Those people are crazy.

Go over there and say that.

Seriously, they just refuse to learn the most basic facts in order to say stuff like “oh yea, well where does the earth get its power to keep accelerating in space?”

It’s infuriating to try to argue with them. They just say we believe blindly what scientists shove down our throats. Is that hypocrisy or what?

Wow, some people really need to learn about gravity.

It just goes to show how much of a sheep these religious morans are. Their bible was proven wrong many times in the past. Remember the day when the earth was the center of the universe? And we consider ourselfs an intelligent race? As long as religion is around and we have these stupid people walking around we are gonna be nothing but monkeys.

                      Wow, some people really need to learn about gravity.         

Again, try to tell them about it and they’ll just say “how do you know? Scientists told you? Thought so.”

It just goes to show how much of a sheep these religious morans are. Their bible was proven wrong many times in the past. Remember the day when the earth was the center of the universe? And we consider ourselfs an intelligent race? As long as religion is around and we have these stupid people walking around we are gonna be nothing but monkeys.

This is the one thing Mao Zedong was right about.

You have put forward a controversial argument here - no doubt a few folks, myself included, who feel that they have been grouped with some minority will get offended. I hope that you rephrase your argument about the specifically minority of the population at large who throw their toys about, and get the negative publicity on this issue.
I go to prayer but I keep an open mind there - not everything I listen in the sermon [???] do I take on board as they are opinions and interpretations of the said individual and not necessarily what was intended in the book.
Have a great day and prosper in the truest form.

Have a offended the remainder of said minority?

Wow, Shnitzelkiller, I used to like, but now I I am very angry with you, and zanos. HOW THE HECK DOES BELIVING IN A FLAT EARTH HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION!!! I Go to church, had trusted in Jesus for my salvation, and love science, I even want to be some kind of scientist. nothing in proven science has every contradicted the Bible. Go ahead and try to prove me wrong, I will fight you.

zanos: When was the Bible proven wrong?

I’m just saying that the extremists such as that one guy with an 8 at the end of his name used religion as his sole argument. I didn’t say everyone who is religious believes in the FE, I’m just saying taking the bible literally is silly to begin with.

And there is a passage in the bible which states the earth is flat. Isea something something.

On a number of points, the moment we launched the first spacecraft…

And people have seen with their own eyes that the earth is round and that they didn’t penetrate heaven as the priests said would happen…

That is something that religion used to claim years ago. Just like they claimed that the earth was the center of the universe. Once they saw that those beliefs werent true they abandoned them but there are still people around who believe this crap.
Dont you ever ask yourself: Because this book was proven wrong many times what else in there is wrong? Or are you forbidden from questioning anything that they feed you?

It’s a fear of thinking about things like this that makes this so. Try talking to a Christian about how the earth is definitely more than 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs weren’t just put there to test our faith (like one of my friends believes) and you’ll end up talking to a guy essentially holding his hands over his ears. What you say doesn’t really get through.

Am I right in saying most Christians do believe that the earth is 6,000 years old? It doesn’t seem to be as small a group around where I am.

A) Their website design is terrible.
B) Has anyone asked these people why is it then if you keep traveling in the same direction you will end up back at the same point, are there warp portals at the ice borders?
C) I can’t even read the “science” part without becoming aggravated

Have you ever read anything in the Bible? those claims weren’t from the Bible, but were supported by the Catholic church (I am not Catholic). Find something in the Bible and try to prove it wrong.

I love debating about the Bible and science. the earth is believed to be 6,000-7,000 years old because when you go form Adam to Jesus to present day with the genealogies, you get 6,000-7,000 years. look at Job 28 and 29 for dinosaurs. I would talk more about this but I have to go (homework).

Just found this on the Current Events page:

In the small town of Grass Roots, MO, one of our members has successfully infiltrated the public education system. By being hired on as a teacher in the district, she was able to gain a foothold that has allowed us to “replace” nearly every lower grade teacher in the entire town with loyal Flat Earthers. The students are now undergoing deprogramming measures and are expected to be released when they reach their mid-thirties.

Wow. How. These people are actually evil. They’re stupid, insane, and evil.

And this part is so ridiculous it actually sounds like a joke:

After spending over sixteen million dollars and using over 48 thousand yards of industrial strength strapping tape, we of the Flat Earth Society were able to construct an enormously powerful neurotransmitter that can implant suggestions directly into the brains of the nearby non-Flat Earthers. Having set it up just outside of the Russian Antarctic exploration post (Vostok), we are awaiting word that all three scientists and 174 penguins have been shown the light.

First of all, where in the Bible does it state that the Earth is the centre of the Universe? Oh wait…NOWHERE!
There is nothing in the Bible that is proven wrong.

Ever heard of carbon dating? I suppose it’s another test on faith, right? 6,000 years ago is just when the first pyramids were built, not when the earth was created.

And there is very definite proof that lots of things in the bible are wrong. For instance, that PI is exactly 3 (that is, they say that the circumference is 3 times the diameter), in First Kings, chapter 7, verses 23 and 26.

I suppose since everything in the bible is the word of god, pi is 3, then.

But let’s perhaps stop arguing about religion and get back to the topic at hand…

Galileo was sentenced to house arrest for life and had his books burned by the catholic church for stating that it wasn’t the center of the universe. Religion can do pretty evil things. And in the exact words of Mao, it’s poison.

This topic isn’t allowed here and will be locked.

But while its open I’ll contribute.

Yes, most Christians believe that the earth is under 10,000 years old and there is strong evidence supporting that. For example, the salt content of the oceans. Oceans salt content increases over time as water evaporates, comes back down, flows down the mountains collecting salt and other minerals, goes into ocean, repeat.

I would also like to point out that most “evidences” for a billion year old earth is highly inaccurate. For example, uranium dating. This is the type of dating used to determine ages more than 40,000 years and carbon dating maintains the same problems. Three major assumptions are made during this type of dating (Don’t know them off the top of my head, look them up) one of which forces the object being dated to be kept in the same condition since it was fossilized. Can you keep a rock in one spot and keep that spot from changing any atmospheric conditions for 4000 years? Neither can I.

I would also like to point out their is almost no evidence for evolution. And I say almost because I doubt there is nothing but I can’t think of anything at the moment. All cross species fossils we have found have turned out to be fake. No mutation we have ever observed has been beneficial. And things having a similar design is just as much evidence for creation as evolution. For example, if you were designing a robot to fly wouldn’t you find the most efficient way to work and keep with it?

In conclusion understand most Christians are not blindly following their faith and their is some evidence for creation. We aren’t crazy. Well, most of us that is. I know I lost my mind years ago.

BTW: funny pic.