The floor needs cleaning

(usernew) #1

Hello, guys! I just wanted to learn how to add dust and scratches and all that. Here is my result:

Please critique and tell me what’s wrong with this. I know it looks fake and overdone.

BTW, this is a raw render.

(Yusuf Raja) #2

is this what your trying to get done?:

you need gloss and roughness combined.
i also think it would be good to have a wall in the background, the floor looks repetitive and the wall would stop that.
the bucket looks ok, but you could use a mop.

(KareemAlgalaly) #3

I don’t think that the models or materials are the problem in this case. More often than not lighting can make the difference between a good and bad render. If you are using a PBR shader, we can’t see that from the angles of the lighting.

This may be a good starting point, though it is only that: a starting point. Try playing around with the values and perhaps colors of the lights too.

You can hide lights with H and unhide with Alt+H to see what each individual light does for the scene.

(usernew) #4

Yes, that’s what I followed. But I wanted a floor that hasn’t been cleaned for months. :frowning: I have them. I can show you the node setup if you want.

(usernew) #5

I have used the PBR Shaders. I will experiment with the lighting. Right now, I am stuck on other project :frowning:

(SmilediCat) #6

Oh, u should use multiple HDRIs! The results are amazing! Here is Gleb’s tutorial:
I love his work!