The Flower of Fragility

Title: The Flower of Fragility
Program: Blender 2.37, Yafray render.

I created this for my mother. It was about 2-3 minutes of render time and it took roughly 27 minutes to make and get all the glassy stuff correct. I’d like any crits especially on the petals of the flower.

Git rid of the box, put a nice background image, maybe a sky( good ones are at ). And then try GI, the settings don’t have to be very high.

The pedals lookm excellent, nice shape and render, really.

I’m not sure I like the GI but I do like the background. I"ll have to play a little with it to get it to look better and more centered.

As you see, a right background makes a big difference…

It is clearly better now.


Yes, it looks very beatiful. Awsome job!

Thank you Very much. The next render should have the background image fully in view.

I think it’s pretty cool, you could use an HDRI image so that it sit’s more in an environment then blur the BG scene… That would make it sit proper I think…

Hmm…maybe. I’ve never really been too into a blurry background. I’ll see what I can put together but don’t expect a huge update anytime soon.