The Flower Robot by BlendermanUCI

Hi people!

I am upgrading my knowledge about Blender.You have the result here.
What do you say? There are two image more… Somebody wants to see them.?? :yes:???


this looks very good. nice clean model and grungy closed off set. looks awesome with the post-effects. pardon my insolence but i think this would look ridiculously good in animation. are you going to try that? would be awesome.
good gravy!

Yes, I think a animation is will be good, I make the Rigging yet.

I agree, there would be great potential for it as a rigged and animated character. I’d like to see this progress to that stage. I think the still pictures are top-notch, especially the ones with the grunge background and the spot light certainly helps!

Great job!!

I think with spline IK Blend 2.5 would be better for tentacles. Well, currently has hooks and a system of bones, something not advanced. Do you know anything about this?