the flowers

:evilgrin:verison1 and the fixed verison


cool work !:wink:

It looks like some mutant bonsai, nice work.

enchanted :smiley: the image speak itself (that doesn’t let you ask what it says… :evilgrin:)

my crit is for the wooden board, they seem as thin as a paper sheet, without thickness.

Amazing rendering!! The only critic I have is the color of plant pot… I don´t now why, but it seems like the blue color matches badly to the rest. I would have tried something like dark-red od brown or something like that.

But anyway, I really like it!

I like that… really good atmosphere.

your words looks like a poem;)
the wooden board i must turn it a diffrent angle so i can give it a thickness
this is the fixed version.:evilgrin::evilgrin:
thanks so much~~


i am happy ,you like it;)
:rolleyes:dark-red or brown??i have no idea:D
thanks your advise;)
i,ll give it a try

aao-sky color and
a little bit mist
the light of the scene as below


Really nice one. It rought me memories of an old sci-fi book The Day of the Triffids :slight_smile:

another one …
the tree is from ngplant:D


The lighting on the second (“fixed”) image is nice, at least in the foreground. (The first image is badly under-exposed.)

The trouble arises with the flowers, which are “hot” (overexposed…) and set against an opaque black background. In other words, “there is no detail in the shadows.”

Bring the tonal-range of this area down to be more in keeping with the rest of the photo. Let me see some of that background even if you put it out-of-focus. And don’t blast the flowers with quite so much light.

The “histogram” tool in Gimp or Photoshop is a great way to quantitatively assess such issues.

I think they’re both excellent, but I prefer the last one. the plastic quality to the material adds a slimy effect that I think works better for the ‘tentacle’ plant.

Very nice work. Is it rendered using Blender internal renderer?