The Flying Hamster

Hey guys,

As you can see the image reveals a boy that is sitting in front of his computer as suddenly a hamster in a paper plane flies past.

The style should be mostly realistic but the hamster and the boy should be more comic style.

Hope you like it. :slight_smile:


ha ha :smiley: Hamster Air! So cool! Good work :wink:

This tells a great story very simple yet epic!

Your modeling skills could use improvement.

Thanks guys.
@JustWandering: In which way? :slight_smile: What would you improve?

How did you the Hamster like that? (that seems passing so fast)

I’ve used the vector blur in the compositor. I thought that it should be quiet fast, as otherwise the hamster and the paper plane wouldn’t fly. Did you think it was too much?

No not too much. It’s OK.
Well, just something… The back of the paper plane is almost blurry, more than it’s front part, but for the Hamster, it’s front is almost blurry, more than his back. I think they should be the same, i mean the back part of the Hamster must be more blurry than his front, what do think about it?

Yeah you are definetly right!
But it should be right as I used a node in Blender directly with the vector information from the scene. And the vector information is simply that the paper plane is moving with the hamster in 10 frames 60cm. That is actually quiet weird, huh? Probably I’ll post tomorrow how I used the node so you guys could check wheather the node or I am wrong (probably the right answer :smiley: ).

Thanks guys.
@JustWandering: In which way? What would you improve?

The face, the hair, and especially the glasses, they look very flat in a way that negates their 3d nature.

@JustWandering: Yeah, you are right!
Glasses have a lense shape.
The hair looks horrible, I know but I didn’t knew how to improve it. Any tips/advise or tutorials that describe this good, as I am really interested in great hair modelling. :slight_smile:
But the character should be more cartoony style therefore it shouldn’t be realistic but probably you are right next time I will make it a little bit more rounded.

Thanks, sir for the critique. :slight_smile:

Look up on some blender tutorials, you’re bound to find something. Here’s one I found, it’s part of a series.

Ok, thanks, I will defintely watch all this tutorials, as you never know what you learn new :smiley: but unfortunately he didn’t cover hair with a Particle System. Any other tutorials for that? :slight_smile: