the forest

just a little image with some “bubble trees” used AO

(also edited in Gimp with some slight blur and brightening)

Too dark, but otherwise pretty nice!

Something is realy wrong with the saturation of that image

I think the post processing made the image a little too soft. Nice bubble trees, but maybe you should try a version without AO.

Give it a ground texture, or grass and it will look real nice :stuck_out_tongue:
And make the forest bigger, so that the horizon will not show behind the trees like the way it does now. It looks nice, even though it needs more light. Keep it going :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep. Definitely needs more light.

It could just be brightened.

hey, thanks all for the stuff…ill work on it and repost here soon

I like the feel of this forest a lot, actually. Gives me some ideas for some cute animations to do for my daughter. :wink:

well, its good to know that someone enjoys it that much !!! i’ve kinda got a weakness for the “cute” style…and im an AO addict to…

I’m not that far in the manual yet, so I don’t know what AO is yet. I know it means Ambient Occlusion but that’s about the extent of my knowledge right now. :wink: I’ll get there sometime, Chapter 11 (IPO’s) right now. :wink:

Umm, I don’t believe that Ambient Occlusion is in the book, its a relatively new feature. Maybe in the appendix at the end, but not likely.


DOH! :stuck_out_tongue: You’re right. I guess it will be time for some independent research. :smiley:

here’s a start

there’s lots more to…do a search here on the forum for “ambient occlusion” and you’ll find some very useful threads