The Forgotton Life.

Hey Guys,

This is my Entry for the Sci-Fi competition. Enjoy!

I’ve just watched two great yet very different animations in a row (the other being nita’s). All I can say is I’m glad I didn’t enter the animation competition :slight_smile: great work

Love your animation man! I would like to see you win the category, beautiful camera motion and audio compliments it perfectly. 5 stars from me!

This takes the soul! Just wonderful work!

Amazing! I love it…

There are 3 animations that I’ve seen in the scifi contest that stands out to me as the best of the bunch. This is definitely, one of the 3. I really like the whole approach you took on this animation. Really well done, and good luck in the contest.

congatulations, a well deserved win :slight_smile:

Holy ship! (sorry, just had to do that) I saw this winning from the moment I saw it. congrats, a lovely piece.

Gratz on the win, very awesome animation

yep great little animation

Just one thing worth pointing out, if its raining you need to make the ground surfaces look wet as well and have a higher level of spec. Thats kind of what threw off that animation from the start. Nice atmosphere over all though.


I love it. You are in my top 3 on the first or second place I think. :slight_smile:
Well done.

Magnificent! :slight_smile:

the timelapse at the beginning was pretty well executed. I feel like the transition from timelapse to ‘real’ time was a little too choppy though. Overall, very very nice.

Thank you everyone for your complements and thoughts! It means a lot.

Awesome job! It reminds me of Bladerunner for some reason. I used that first piece of music in one of my short films once.

Wonderful full on.

Congrats! Totally love this animation - sound design & music fit very well, too! Awesome work!


it reminds me one my canon A590is shot