The Forsaken | Open Positions | Part-Time | Skype Required

Hello, everyone! My name is Alex Bennette and at this point I presume you’re wondering what Forsaken actually is. Forsaken is a Medieval-Zombie-Survival-Horror-MMO*. Lots of genres right there. But that description doesn’t give it justice. Here’s a “short” description of what Forsaken actually is.

Forsaken is an upcoming medieval zombie survival MMO. Players are placed on a fictional world. The world contains islands, valleys, mountains, castles, forests, plains, and all on two continents. The goal of Forsaken is to survive as long as possible while building a life for yourself with your village or kingdom. Players are able to use pre-made models to build houses, walls, stables, gates, watchtowers, vehicles (Carts, buggies, armored carts, small boats, etc. No cars.), and much more. Players are also able to customize their experience by coloring their houses with rare paints, and by building small cosmetic** items for their village/compound/fortress (wells, crates, etc). Players may only build objects if they are within the alignment requirements, and as long as they have the plans. There is positive and negative alignment. Positive alignment players are known as Champions, and negative alignment players are known as Outlaws. While I would love to tell you much more, I can’t really give out more information to the public.

Now, really, that just explains the building system we’re doing, but Forsaken is so much more. I’ve been envisioning the perfect zombie survival game for three years now, and after all this time of ideas and researching, I’m finally bringing my dream to life.

If you would like to help me with bringing this game to be a reality, we are looking for the following positions

  • Lead Client Side Developer 1/1
  • Lead Server Side Developer 1/1
  • Game Developer 3/6
  • 3D Modeler & Animator 2/5
  • Concept Artist 1/3
  • Sound Engineer/Musician 1/3

Note: This list is an estimate. I will be willing to hire more, so if your spot is “filled”, add me on my Skype and I’ll still give you an interview.

As for myself, I don’t have a complete game development skill set. I’ve been in the Emulation field for seven years now, and while that has brought me lots of experience, it isn’t going any where, and I can’t make the games I want to see. In those seven years I have effectively managed teams of up to 40 people, learned how to increase productivity, learned a decent amount of marketing in addition to my business administration courses I am taking, and I also learned developmental skills. As the project lead, I will make sure the developers are getting their job done. What I won’t do is tell them how to get it done. Chances are, these developers and leads that join the project now much more than me, and being told how to do something by someone who doesn’t know how to do it themselves, can be frustrating.

You can contact me in three ways.

Skype: ABennette32 (Preferred)
Email: [email protected]
Private Message[/FONT]

** Cosmetic: Aesthetic, meant for visual only, with no actual meaning or use.

  • MMO: 200-600 players per server, not like WoW with 10,000.