The Fortune Teller

Hope you like this. Let me know what you think


Lots of potential. It would look a LOT better if you made the hands more natural instead of in the “CG neutral” position.
and if you have any render time to spare, turning up the AO samples would be good.

Good image. :smiley:

Good image. I’d change a few things, but they are mostly minor details. Curve the fingers, make the earings reflect more light, fix the grain on the chair, get rid of the triangular highlight on the turban clasp, and put some texture into the crystal ball light.

Also, there’s something funky going on in the mouth area…
But in general, not bad.

Nice work.
The crystal ball looks cut-out, needs a glass cover, besides the aforementioned texture. And it looks like it should be casting more light on the table. Light - it looks as if it is casting VERY bright green light on his jacket instead of blue, although there’s some blue lighting on his face.

That’s a nice job.
But I think the shaders could be better (the chaire have to many spec for exemple, and some colors are a bit agressive for human eyes - Yellow).

The fingers look a bit static and blocky. This would indeed be a bit better image, if the fingers would be in more natural pose. Good modeling and the mood is nice too.

I made some changes, bent the fingers slightly, etc. i did not like the texture I put on the crystal ball. Changing the AO reallt made it look better



Is he about to kiss the crystal ball? Make his mouth more relaxed, or like he’s comcentrating on something, instead of just making it look like he just ate too much sour candy…