The Foundry officially releases Modo 13

The official thread comes with a large amount of videos showing the new features.

A lot of improvements, but those hoping for Modo burnishing its full DCC app. credentials will be disappointed. The improvements are overwhelmingly focused on the modeling workflow (which includes a few procedural things), a couple of things for I/O with Unity and Unreal, a few new UV tools, the inclusion of AMD Prorender as the only notable render-related thing, a few things related to animation and motion graphics, and not much in other areas such as painting/sculpting.

In a way, it makes it appear as if Modo development is largely returning to its roots, which is Modo as a modeling software. In this case, I’m not sure if it will be enough to vault the app. to the sales target hoped for by their new owner.

That said, will the number 13 end up being lucky for them?

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Not really sure what they consider a point update (12.2) or a full update (13)

Pfft Modo 12 promised GPU Rendering(ProRender) but it was never integrated now I have to upgrade if I want what was promised , no thanks.

13 is not impressive.

… and once again, I’m feeling pretty good about that move to Blender.


Modo user here who dabbles with Blender. Personally I think Modo 13 is one of the best updates in a long time. I’ll be renewing my annual subscription / maintenance plan.

As always, people whould use the 3D app or apps that they think best suit. If it’s Blender then cool, if it’s Modo then also cool.


Wow what a lackluster and uninformed review.
You failed to mention the addition of animation layers, schematic improvements, automatic data conversion, numerous UV additions, and new falloff blend so complete fail on ‘only modeling improvements’ review. And ‘a few procedural things’ completely undersells the numerous additions the procedural modeling toolset added including the new array type which brings it closer to the kind of flexibility that something like Houdini offers. You’re now able to also use material referencing, drag and drop scenes from the preset browser and new UI improvements.

Its also worth noting that this is one update of 3 for the year so Modo 13 has much more yet to come. So it makes no sense to give an update of Modo 13 anyway at this point.

People always use the word promised when what they mean to say is intended. Plans get pushed back all the time in development. Sort of like when Blender 2.8 promised to go into Beta much sooner than it did. Shit happens.


By the looks of it, this would indeed be a good release for those who make assets to import to other software and game engines. Though whether it’s real beneficial for the latter depends on which engine you use. The dedicated bridges are good for those who use the big players such as Unity and Unreal, but not as much for those who want to look at other engines.

In a way, you could say that The Foundry is part of the coalition of companies that are working to make sure Unity Tech. and Epic controls the world of game development, no room for FOSS, or competition for that matter. At least that’s the impression I get when looking at the game dev. world.

Then I read of a rumor from one of their employees regarding an effort in rendering, we’ll see what that leads to in their next release. Still, it remains to be seen if Modo really starts picking up new users, because there is evidence that even if they start doing massive development, their licensing system could end up becoming an anchor (which is based on the nightmares posted in their forum).

You and me both. Modo development has slowed down to a snail pace, Blender is still better in that department and their roadmap is much more transparent.

Blender all the way man, everything nodes will change the game. Modo procedural UI seems to be made by someone with no experience with good procedural UI/UX(Houdini) and it feels tack on at the last minute. Nothing has change in 13 regarding procedural modeling. More tools added on to a non userfriendly unintuitive procedural srtack. Mediocre if I had to describe it in one word.

Rendering/Sculpting/Paint especially the latter has pretty much when ignore like a stepchild for many many versions/years. The sculpting in Blender hasn’t seen much work until recently but even it current state its way more fun and usable than Modo.

The node shading in modo is whack, it still relies on the shader tree, why why why. Again feels like a node system tacked unto a dependency of the shader tree. The shader tree is just awful for reading complex setup since you can see any connections, mostly usable for simple stuff and a nightmare to read with complex setup not to mention its freaking slow with lots of materails(not a new problem, been around for many many years).

Not to mention Stuart Ferguson left Foundry, to work for Apple he is the core dev that wrote the entire framework for Modo. Modo is a old sinking ship, I’m just smart enough to get on a lifeboat(Blender) before it sinks. Modo is slowly but surely headed in the same direction as LightWave 3D.

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I’m a long-time Max user, but have done projects in Modo over the years(out of necessity) I recently returned to it during the 12 series looking for a Max companion for game-dev asset work. The marketing for 12 was exciting. It looked like it was the future of the game-dev hub DCC…

In reality, it was a [email protected]@king nightmare. Crashing every 10 mins, terrible UI, unstable geometry creation, woeful .FBX support(basically unusable from Max/Maya) Atrocious viewport performance… The whole experience was painful.

I recently decided to look into 2.80 as a companion to Max and it has been the complete opposite experience to Modo. Honestly, I think that 2.80 will kill off Modo. I just can’t see why anyone would pay money for Modo when Blender is an option.

Lightwave still has a core group of fans which kept Newtek alive long enough to realize the 2018 and 2019 releases. I don’t think Modo will be killed off when noting this, but still have a decent number of users (as Lightwave is far behind Modo even).

There’s still people out there who will not even touch Blender 2.8 because of the application’s past reputation. They might never switch as they see 2.8 as just a way to save face from 17 years of ignoring users. Thereby the well in their mind is permanently poisoned and will rather quit CG altogether if Autodesk gets too pricey.

Modo seems to have some of the most loyal users of anyone. I think it’ll survive for awhile, yet.

If that is true, it has to be a very small group of people. There is nearly universal praise across all the places I’ve checked. Even people that use Source Filmmaker seem to be picking up Blender.

I’d say that Modo is still, overall, better at raw modelling and UVing than Blender is. It’s not VASTLY superior, but it does have tons upon tons of little touches that make it just a bit quicker and smoother to use.

To this day, I still miss being able to double-click to select all the faces in a contiguous object instead of hitting L, which is WAY THE HELL over on the other side of the keyboard from where your hand usually rests. Or being able to scale your verts flat with a quick drag on the proper manipulator handle axis, instead of selecting the object, then moving your hand around the keyboard to hit S, then X/Y/Z, then num-0.

It’s not night and day, but Blender is a little clunkier than Modo sometimes, and it’s this clunkiness that’ll probably keep some people modeling in Modo, even if they otherwise like Blender 2.8 for everything else.


Hahahah! :grin::grin::grin: You’ve just given a new meaning to “First World problems”. :wink:

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It’s just…GAW! It’s SO FAR!

I bet it’s at least, like, 8 inches away.

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:grin: This is why I always hated the old Control + Y for Redo in a lot of software, particularly when keyboard shortcuts couldn’t be customized. Luckily Control + Shift + Z has become a standard now in most software.

Then just make your own shortcut ! Make your own menu, your own button in the header, in a panel, your own pie menu… it’s so easy and you can make Blender fit to your exact needs.

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Small, yes, but they do exist.

Well, he isn’t wrong—we should have addressed Blender’s UI/UX issues much earlier. I think he’s just trolling more than claiming he’ll never ever use Blender, though.

I used a program here recently, can’t remember what, that used Ctrl-Y for redo. I kept failing to perform a redo, so I hit up the edit menu to see what was going on, saw what it was bound to, and thought “Geez, man. Why are you doing this to me?”

It made me so mad. :frowning:

I actually used to regularly rebind a lot of my keys back when I first started learning Blender. I’d get things the way I want them, but it’d take a ton of effort to do, and would inevitably mess up something else I might need to call, but wouldn’t immediately know what I changed the bindings to to call it.

I eventually came to the conclusion that, barring maybe a key or two here or there, it’s better just to learn a program by its defaults, rather than trying to wholesale customize them to your own tastes. It doesn’t take too long for muscle memory to start kicking in, and when it does, you’ll find you no longer really care what you were used to before.

Case in point, I’ve used Blender exclusively for so long now, going back to Modo feels awkward and stilted in comparison. I’ve grown so accustomed to the Blender way of doing things, the old standards I used to swear by feels foreign to me now.